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Reliable Baler & Exceptional Service for IPL Global's Upgraded Facility

We are delighted to have successfully installed our state-of-the-art Samson Twin Ram baler, at IPL Global in Leeds. This latest upgrade comes as IPL Global sought to replace its ageing baler and employ a baler which was capable of handling increased throughput and mixed plastics with no cross-contamination. 


IPL Global, who were in the process of installing a new MRF with McDonald International, turned to REP-TEC for a tailored solution. The Samson fully automatic baler, with a 100-ton compaction force and 37kW power, was designed to seamlessly integrate into IPL Global's upgraded facility and handle PET, HDPE and residual waste.

Key customisations, including a 4m-high large feed hopper and rear-placed power pack for space efficiency, were implemented to enhance overall performance. Additionally, we worked closely with the plant builder, ensuring smooth integration between the baler and plant systems.

The install process was run efficiently by our installation team, including the removal of the old machine, training operators over multiple shifts, and then commissioning to guarantee consistent bale sizes.


Initial Challenges Dealt with Effectively

Our exceptional service and support was evident during the initial teething problems. As many manufacturers will recognise, not all installations run smoothly. In this case, once some initial issues were highlighted, we worked tirelessly to resolve the issues and went above and beyond to ensure no operational downtime was experienced.

James Ellis, Engineering Supervisor, stated, "I have never experienced service like it from any manufacturer. REP-TEC's dedication to resolving issues without disruption is unparalleled and proves that their service and support surpass any in the market."

The impact of our Twin Ram baler on IPL Global's operations is already evident. The customer now benefits from increased throughput, reduced rejected bales, and improved overall bale quality. The baler's ability to seamlessly switch between multiple material waste streams has proven indispensable in optimising their recycling processes.

IMG_7769This successful installation, underlines our commitment to advancing recycling technology, providing solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of its customers.